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Slowing Down Life

I think there are far too many people living life in the fast line. I look around me and see friends and family introduce unwanted stress into their lives. Have you ever meet that couple, you spend a few hours with them and say “I am glad that my life isn’t like that!” They’re like a tornado coming into your life. You just feel stressed being around them. It’s time to start slowing down life.

They have way too many things going on, trying to juggle it all. They complain about not having enough time. This and that isn’t good enough. We need to buy a new car or have our house completely remodeled to keep up with the Jones. Then they try to figure out how they can make the payments work. Sometimes I have to mentally prepare myself to be around those people.

Slowing Down Life

slowing down life

Slow down
enjoy the view

When I became a freelancer about 10 years ago, I made a conscious effort to slow down my life. Back then I was doing quite a bit of traveling for business. I was trying to do too much, getting stressed and burnt out. I decided to live a simpler life, not getting caught in the consumerism of this country. I live in a small house, own my cars, grow my food and forage. I live within my means. I try not to let the pressure of this materialistic nation grab a hold of me. I think the majority of people are caught up in this notion of we need to buy a new house, lease a new car, try to outdo each other. Let’s buy more stuff. I think the late George Carlin says it best in this video below.

When you slow down, I think life gets better. If you decide to live this way, you learn to appreciate things more. You notice that hawk flying above or the hummingbird eating from your feeder. Your mind has a chance to slow down. You can reflect on what life is really about, enjoying the little things life has to offer.

Present moment

Taking the time to live in the present moment. Take a moment to appreciate what you have. How about you take some time this week to enjoy the little things in life? Go for a hike, ride a bike or just spend some time with family and friends-whatever gives you joy and slows your life down a little. Try to live life for today and be mindful of slowing life down.

What do you do to not let life pass you by? Have you started to try slowing down life?

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  1. Great post and well put! I wish I had the courage to become a freelancer. Perhaps after my passive income streams are just a little bit larger. Having all that FU Money sure does make a big difference!

    • Thanks. Becoming a freelance took some time for me to develop. I had to make many connections in my field. It has allowed me to appreciate things more. I am trying to build up some income streams as well. Hopefully it will allow me to pursue more of my interests. Thanks for stopping by!!

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