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Saving Money by Foraging

Grocery bills can add up very quickly, especially if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables. One way to combat this is by saving money by foraging. Most of my foraging consist of wild berries and veggies. This year was a great year for picking wild berries. Up here in the Northeast, we had a pretty mild and rainy summer, which is great for berry growth. This summer I pick quite a few wild blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries, and blackberries.

Saving Money by Foraging

Most of the wild blueberries can be found in mountainous areas and near bodies of water. Here are some recent pictures I took of blueberry foraging.  There are two types of wild blueberries I pick the high brush and low brush.

High Brush Blueberries

Low Brush Blueberries

Frozen Blue Berries

Saving Money

How To Get Started Foraging

These berries freeze very nicely. They can be used in just about any type of recipe you like. I like eating them with my oatmeal every morning. The other plus side is that they are not sprayed with any pesticides. By picking my own berries, I probably save two to three hundred dollars a year. It’s also very good for calming the mind and being in the moment. There is nothing like being out in the woods where it is quiet and your one goal is to pick wild berries. It can be very meditative. I am looking forward to the fall. That is when the wild cranberries are ready to be picked.

Here is the book I use when I am out foraging:

Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide

Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide is well laid out and has many pictures that describe what to look for when foraging. The authors break down foraging into seasons and regions in the United States. It also has some great recipes on what to make with your new-found food. This is my go-to book, that I take with me when I forage.


Before You Forage

Make sure you are able to properly identify what you are picking. Please did not over-pick, leave some for the wildlife and a strong crop next year.

Check out my foraging page for more information and other wild edibles I found.

Are you saving money by foraging?

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I enjoy canning, preserving, foraging and growing my own food. It’s become a way of life. When you grow a vegetable garden, you eat with the seasons. Foraging is the same way. I forage for many types of wild berries and edible plants. Preserving is a great way to store and maintain your garden and foraged finds.


  1. Wow! It’s hard to believe you can find blueberries growing out in the wild. I’m going to keep my eyes open on my next hike!

  2. Those blueberries look amazing! Thanks for sharing these tips and the book recommendation–I’ll have to check it out.

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