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Ball / Mason Jar Smoothies Using The Blender

Ball jars are great for canning, but have you ever used them to make Ball Jar smoothies? Just about every morning I start my day with a healthy fruit smoothy. As an avid canner, I have a lot of Ball jars laying around and discovered that pint Mason or Ball jars screw right onto your existing blender. They make excellent containers for smoothies. The Ball jars screw perfectly onto most standard blender blade attachments. There is no need to muck up a whole blender container to make a single smoothy when you can use one Ball jar. Let’s look at how simple it is and I will also share my great Ball jar smoothy recipe.

Mason / Ball Jar Smoothies

Ball / Mason Jar Smoothies Using The Blender

Smoothies are a nice way to get your nutrients for the day. There are many different types of smoothies you could make. I like to use a combination of frozen and fresh fruit. I also mix in some plant-based protein powder. When the growing season is in full swing, I often put in a handful of kale from the garden.


Many of the berries I foraged for go into my smoothies. Blueberries, Blackberries, Huckleberries, and Raspberries freeze quite well and make excellent frozen smoothies.

Ball Jar Blade

The blade system of many standard blenders will screw right onto a pint-size type of Ball jar. Just fill-up the Ball jar with your favorite ingredients and screw on the lid. Then place it in the blender and start blending. You may have to shake the jar a few times to get everything incorporated and start blending again.

Morning Smoothie Recipe

Here is my recipe for my morning pre-workout Ball jar smoothie:

1 – Ball jar Regular Mouth Pint

1 – Large fresh Banana

1 – Pealed fresh Kiwi

4 – Frozen Strawberries

5 – Frozen Raspberries

8 – Frozen Blueberries

1 – Teaspoon whole Flax Seeds

Kale leaves

1 – Scoop Vega Protein Powder

1/2 – cup Almond milk

Then blend away, till smooth and drink with a straw.

Ball / Mason Jar Smoothies Using The Blender


Bar jar smoothies are simple, healthy, and easy to make. They are great for single-serve smoothies. Smoothies are a nice way to get your fiber, protein, and nutrients for the day. Ball jars are very versatile and are a nice alternative to plastic containers. Do you have any tips or uses for leftover ball jars?

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