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Respect Nature and Pick Up Your Trash

I spend a lot of time outdoors foraging, hiking, and kayaking. It always amazes and angers me how many people that leave their trash behind. I have been to some of the most amazing lakes, trails, and mountains. People just toss their water bottles, styrofoam cups, and fishing line. Birds and other animals are directly impacted by the debris left by people. We are visiting their habitat and should respect their environment. I am hoping that this post will make people think twice before dumping their trash in the most beautiful places. Nature should be preserved not destroyed.

Respect Nature

Nature is a space that many people enjoy and count on for peace and relaxation. Nature should be respected and protected. The wildlife should have a place to thrive.

So you’re out enjoying yourself for a hike along a lakeside looking at the water as the sun is setting…..

Respect Nature and Pick Up Your Trash

You look down to see a plastic cup just dumped on the ground. It ruins a nice moment. How can people who are out in nature, have no respect for nature?



These are pictures of trash I found from some of my travels hiking and foraging.

Pick Up Your Trash

I hope that these images will help inspire some people to think twice before leaving their trash behind. I also encourage anyone who finds some trash to just pick it up and take it with you. It can only make nature a better place.

Respect Nature and Pick Up Your Trash


Nature is a special place and it should be treated as such. Please share this post and spread the word. Keep nature clean, pick up your trash! Thanks.


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  1. We have the same problem around here, and I resent having to pick up after slobs. I am tempted to return all the garbage I collect to their sources – two fast-food joints in particular – as I think they have a lot to answer for too.

  2. Thanks for bring this point here. This is a big issue in India and I can see every year there are many initiatives taken to keep your society clean. But the result is not that satisfactory and the main reason behind this is the awareness among people and their common sense.

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