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This month I got an opportunity to do a guest post on the food preservation section of It is always fun to write about things you enjoy doing. The article I wrote shows one of the many ways you can preserve and enjoy foraged or store bought cranberries.

Here is the link to my article called How to Make and Can Cranberry Juice.

I would like to thank Sean Timberlake who runs the food preservation section at for asking me contribute.

Sean also has a great web site called Punk Domestics which is a community of people who like to share techniques and recipes on preserving and canning.

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About Financial Forager
I enjoy canning, preserving, foraging and growing my own food. It’s become a way of life. When you grow a vegetable garden, you eat with the seasons. Foraging is the same way. I forage for many types of wild berries and edible plants. Preserving is a great way to store and maintain your garden and foraged finds.


  1. Thanks for the guest post!

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